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About Us

Our Phlebotomist


     WSecrets Laboratory Phlebotomist are licensed with the state of Louisiana and nationally certified. Our phlebotomist are  highly trained and skilled bring laboratory collection to a new level.


Our mobile phlebotomist help with  changing the way we do specimen

collections  providing a more coinvent way to get labs done in the comfort of your home or place of  business.


Our Mission is to bring access to the best possible diagnostic care.  


Our team can go to offices, long-term care facilities and patient homes to build relationships allowing them to develop a long lasting heart felt relationship.


Our Phlebotomist do not give medical advice  you need to contact your doctor's office or call 911 for any medical advice .

Workplace Testing

WE offer fast and reliable private blood testing with our experienced phlebotomist
at home, work or in our clinical office at a time to suit you. 

Our Tests

Tests & Vaccines

We offer a one-stop shop for phlebotomy and other specimen collection support. you will access the most experienced, skilled, and highly compensated phlebotomists in the laboratory services. We off Covid-19 test and all other blood draw  and Urine drug screens. We also off DNA Testing and Peek A BOO testing.

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